BERG, Bob: Geneva Concert (The) (1994)


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- (Disc 1)
Berg, Bob - Tenor Saxophone

Date of Concert: 1994

Summer Nights
Berg, Bob - Tenor Saxophone
Forever Frank
Berg, Bob - Tenor Saxophone
When I Fall In Love
Berg, Bob - Tenor Saxophone
No Moe
Berg, Bob - Tenor Saxophone
Straight No Chaser
Berg, Bob - Tenor Saxophone

Catalogue Number: INAK6463
UPC: 707787646376

Geneva 1994: The legendary New Morning club rose from its ashes for the duration of a memorable jazz festival. Among the heavyweights in the blockbuster line-up was Bob Berg. No one who heard him there has forgotten the white-hot saxophone, the intensity and the rough lyricism of this very "Scorsesean" former Manhattan taxi driver. Backed superbly by Alvin Queen, Niels Lan Doky and Pierre Boussaguet, Bob gave one of his best concerts ever; on that evening, Berg was certainly still "the rebel with the angry saxophone" Miles Davis had asked to join his comeback tour in 1984. But the rebel had learned to control his fiery spirit - fishing off Cape Cod had taught him the meaning of "zen" - and Bob had grown into a fully rounded artist, roaming majestically somewhere between Sonny Rollins and Stan Getz. Our friend Bob was on his way to the top (and to buying a pack of cigarettes) in 2002 when his path crossed that of a skidding truck on an icy mountain road ...

Bonus features:
- In Conversation with Bob Berg (2001)
- Nancy With the Laughing Face (1994)

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