JAZZ CRUSADERS: Paris Concert (The)


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- (Disc 1)

Carne, Jean - Vocals

Venue: New Morning, Paris

Stomp and Buck Dance
Eleanor Rigby
Keep That Same Old Feeling
What You Won't Do for Love
Street Life
Always There
Don't Let It Go to Your Head
Closer Than Close
Way Back Home

Catalogue Number: INAK6455
UPC: 707787645577

Jazz Crusaders originally came together in the California of the sixties through the initiative of Wayne Henderson and Joe Sample, soon joined by Larry Carlton who was just launching his career. Their weapons, rather than swords and lances, have always been Soul and Funk. Since the worldwide success of Street Live, the group has become an incescapable icon for lovers of sophisticated groove - and a legendary musical phoenix, rising from its ashes to new life again and again. Several decades later, led by the untiring Henderson, the Jazz Crusaders are still right up there at the top, more in the groove than ever to the great delight of the fans who have flocked to the New Morning.

Part 1

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