METALLICA: Collector's Box


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Aural Amphetamine: Metallica and the Dawn of Thrash
Metallica: Dark Souls
Bisset, Simon - Television Director

Playing Time: 02:37:33
Catalogue Number: DVDIS030
UPC: 823564529196

A full three decades since they initially exploded onto the American metal scene, Metallica have remained at the forefront of the genre, a testament to their pioneering spirit, enormous talent and enduring legacy. This is a band that have consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation, altering the musical landscape on a number of occasions, and not only within their own genre elect, but within the music industry as a whole. With an influence that is undeniable, Metallica have achieved that hallowed combination of commercial and critical success, confirming their standing as the most iconic of metal acts.

Metallica Collector's Box is a set celebrating 30 years of the band's superb music. The first disc offers a perfect retrospective of their career, starting right back at the beginning of their incredible journey and carrying through to their recent activities. It is packed with interviews, footage, rare archives and contributions from those closest to the group. The second video considers their beginnings, musical evolution, and their impact on the heavy metal genre. Both films feature interviews with the band plus the inclusion of other metal acts who remain influenced by this most prominent of groups.

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